The Cascade Premier raspberry became available to the general public earlier in August. It was more than a dozen years under development and according to researchers and test growers alike, it hits on all the marks.

PROSSER — A bright, light, easy to pick raspberry was just released on the market by WSU researchers, after 12 years of study and development.

Small fruit researchers from Washington State University’s prodigious fruit research stations debuted the Cascade Premier raspberry for berry growers to test market in 2018 and now, to the general public in early August this year.

According to the researchers, the berry embodies the most desired qualities sought by growers. The Cascade Premier is easy to harvest by hand or by machine, has a longer, slower development phase which allows growers to pick it in multiple phases, early for fresh fruit harvest and later for the frozen pack market.

The berry is billed by its developers as, “. . . bright, flavorful, one of the best.”

Patrick Moore who has been working in small fruit research 31 years felt the berry was exceptional in that it delivers everything hoped for, in a quality way.

“It’s unusual to get something that’s this flavorful, firm, colorful, easy releasing, and is resistant to disease,” Moore said. “This one hits all the sweet spots.”

A plant patent application for the raspberry is pending before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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