FULLY EQUIPPED LAPTOPS FOR CHECKOUT — Hilton Elementary School Para Professional Noe Gonzalez assists in the distribution of 133 school district computers loaded with Microsoft Office 365 for 1,350 students from kindergarten through 12th grade at the Zillah Middle School on Friday, April 24.

ZILLAH — Zillah School District (ZSD) has worked diligently to prepare for the continuing online education and launched their digital devices on Friday, April 24 according to assistant Superintendent and Director of Special Programs Justin Irion.

When Governor Jay Inlsee announced on March 13 the then temporary shutdown of schools, Zillah went into closure status like that of a weather closure.

“We closed our schools for six days… treating that time we closed right away as non-school days period, so kids aren’t going to miss out on any school days,” Irion expanded.

On Monday, April 27, ZSD commenced with their “continued learning in a distance learning model,” as Irion described Zillah’s remote education program.

Seventh through twelfth are going to be strictly online. They will be using an online curriculum called Edgenuity which has pre-developed courses.

ZSD strived to make accessibility as easy as possible by building digital devices with the applications needed preloaded on a single sign in server, which auto-logs in each student to all their apps and emails.

“The Tech Department has been instrumental in preparing the district for distance learning,” Irion voiced. “Our tech department (Head of Tech, James Howard) and…principal, Jeff Charbonneau, who is tech savvy, have done a phenomenal job in helping prepare our district.”

Charbonneau is looking at the positives though he would much rather see students back in school as soon as it is safe.

“There is going to be a lot of good that comes out of this as well as the struggles… [ZSD is] making sure that students can still get in touch with their teachers,” Charbonneau expressed.

The middle school principal stated the first requirement for students is to watch a video of their teachers greeting them and to respond in order to “meet that social, emotional need first.”

Teachers will then monitor students’ progress, intervene and provide support as students are learning the content.

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