Well damn, here we are. Me, of all people, writing a column for the Daily Sun Sunnyside Sun! Who would have thought? Not me, that’s for sure.

I guess we should start with a little introduction, as it is common courtesy to do as such. My name is Andrew Hamil and I document life with photos. I guess some would say I am a photographer, but I try to be much more than that.

When I first picked up a camera six years ago, my mission that I set out to accomplish was to help promote the positive things our kids did in Sunnyside, from sports to the arts. We have brilliant and hardworking kids in this community and at that time, there was little recognition for them. Eventually, I grew from just covering events at the high school – realizing that there are all sorts of dope people living here in Sunnyside – and started covering almost every event in town. Then to covering events all over Yakima County.

As I am sure you are asking yourself by now, “Well Andrew, that’s all fine and dandy, but what’s all this got to do with the Sun? Y U hERE?”

Well, I am glad you asked. I recently meet with the Sunnyside Sun owner, Andy McNab, and Media Director, Ileana Martinez, and we discussed some things. Mainly, me being a photographer for the Sun. As it turns out, their goals and my goals aligned closely.

We both want to bring a positive media outlet in our community and inspire people to be active citizens of this town. Our pairing is a natural fit. We tossed around several ideas, and I am truly excited for what we will be working on to bring to you!

So, Sunnyside, what does that mean for you and me? What does it change in our already awesome relationship?

The biggest change will be that my pictures will now be printed in the Sun (hopefully in large multiple page features!) and put in front of an audience that does not part take in the Facebook or Instagram world. I will still be posting pictures on social media and giving out the full resolution pictures for free to the public of every event I attend.

I will still be focusing on Sunnyside. But don’t worry Grandview and Mabton, I will still be getting to your events, because I see you as a part of my community.

Another change that will happen is I will be writing sports columns occasionally. They will be fun and lighthearted and very pro-Sunnyside and Lower Valley, and hopefully few on the expletives.

So, on parting, I hope to see you out there at an event and feel free to say hi to me, I’ll talk your ear off.

Love you all and #GoGrizzlies

Andrew Hamil is a photographer for the community and official photographer for the Sunnyside Sun.

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