Although I didn’t live in this state when our, now, Gov. Jay Inslee campaigned for the 4th Congressional District seat in 1992, the tales that have been told are many.

Not all from whom I have heard these tales have nice things to say… in fact, the tales involve conservative promises leading to votes contradicting those promises.

I don’t have the facts, but I have seen the governor in action, and don’t believe the latest news of his strategic declaration regarding the state’s drought situation should come as a surprise to those who were disillusioned years ago.

On May 20, more than half the state was declared in a drought situation.

There are just a couple reports, spurred by a University of Washington professor’s blog, saying the situation is exaggerated.

Professor Cliff Mass said, “The situation is far less dire or unusual than advertised. There will be plenty of water for nearly all users, and that the forecast is for a wetter than normal summer.”

The Department of Ecology reports: “Snowpack conditions are currently less than 50 percent of average for this time of year. Our experts expect the warmer, drier weather will cause the already-diminished snowpack to melt more quickly, reducing water availability this summer when it is needed most.”

The professor, however, says there have been 15 other winters that were drier, and the summer months are expected to be wetter than normal.

“This situation is not unusual in an El Nino year.  The snowpack in early April gives a good idea of the amount of water available from melting snow, which fills our reservoirs and rivers,” he says, using graphs and data to back his conclusions.

Maybe it’s true… Inslee, who is a strong proponent for the idea of climate change and uses it as his platform, is seeking to scare people into supporting him by showing he is fighting the human-caused crisis at home.

Whatever the case, there are only so many people who believe the state is truly in a crisis situation, believing their local irrigation district officials over any politician.

Jennie McGhan can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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