Lesson learned… the hard way!

I have found I am not to leave my phone behind for any reason thanks to my recent misadventure, or stroke of bad luck.

Whatever you call it, the situation is disheartening when I already have enough worries on my plate.

I was attending the June 24 City Council meeting and needed to use the restroom.

Seeing no reason to take my phone with me, I left it in the seat next to me while I slipped out while what I deemed a “housekeeping item” was discussed.

I wasn’t gone even one minute, but during that minute, my phone disappeared (I checked the time using the recorded meeting online).

Thinking I must have, in my haste, taken the phone with me in spite of my decision I didn’t need it in the bathroom, I waited a few minutes for council and staff to conclude their regular business before sounding the alarm.

I turned to the police representative in the room, alerting him to my crisis. A couple staff members attempted to call it in vain.

It rang, so the phone was on. However, it was nowhere to be found.

So, I filed a police report.

Upon my return home, I tried tracking my phone, and the mystery appeared to be solved… in my hope, I thought someone slipped the phone through the mail slot at the office because the map showed it leaving the Law and Justice Center, traveling north of town and returning to the office location on South Sixth Street.


I emailed a co-worker, asking them to call me in the morning if, indeed, my phone was returned by the very honest individual who mistakenly grabbed it.

My bubble burst the following morning as the sad news that my phone was not located at the office was delivered.

Looking at the tracking again, the map clearly showed the last location of the phone was at the office, but no further activity was recorded after Monday night.

I kept my optimism going throughout the day and only conceded defeat at the end of my Tuesday workday.

And, a couple days later, the map showed my phone’s journey ended in Mabton.

Seems lately this is how my journey must play out. It’s the second time in less than a month someone sought to deprive me, or a member of my family, of personal property.

Just two days prior to my daughter’s graduation, her older brother’s car was taken from our driveway and totaled in a hop field near Mabton. Inside was my daughter’s cap and gown, and we were grateful the school was able to ensure she marched with her classmates in the proper attire.

However, my son, who is in the Marines, is without a vehicle, and I have a much lighter wallet since I paid half the bill for the tow company that recovered the car.

Life is giving me lemons lately. Being the person I am, I will do my best to make lemonade… and take my phone to the bathroom.

Jennie McGhan can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email JMcGhan@sunnysidesun.com

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