New Girl: Elizabeth Sustaita

Elizabeth Sustaita

January 7, 1789 was the date Congress set for the original 13 states to choose electors for the first ever presidential election in the newly forged country, the United States of America.

George Washington was elected to be the first president by state electors through the Electoral College. This system gives all U.S. citizens over the age of 18 the right to vote for electors who in turn elect president and vice-president and is still used 231 years later. The president and vice-president are the only elected officials chosen through the Electoral College over popular vote.

With the ballots for the Primary Election set to be disbursed on July 17 for over 100,000 registered voters, we have a full ballot to consider. Statewide, congressional, and county positions will be on the 2020 ballot.

With this in mind, it is of paramount importance to be present with this election because it sets the stage for how our future presidents will be voted in because of the Electoral College.

Thinking about the upcoming election is daunting and I can only imagine how our first-year voters must be feeling.

Not to worry. There are so many resources at our disposal to make informed decisions and I would urge voters — new and seasoned — to use them.

One of which is the League Women Voters of Washington who are hosting a number of forums and debates to introduce the candidates for the Secretary of State which will be uploaded online on the KSPS website and the League of Women Voters of Washington Facebook page.

While we are no longer struggling to craft the foundation of America as was done during the election of 1789, every election thereafter is another stone, building the future of our county, our state, our country. Every vote, every choice matters.

Elizabeth Sustaita can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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