New Girl: Elizabeth Sustaita

Elizabeth Sustaita

It’s hard to find the right things to say at this moment in time.

A lot of friends and family are out of work unless they are considered “essential,” and the entire state is on lockdown.

We are all trying our best to keep our head above water but frankly, I’ve never felt our Sunnyside air buzz with such uncertainty in my life.

My own anxiety is making it difficult to do even the most basic of things because my mind is clouded with worries for my loved ones here and overseas.

Nobody in this world is unaffected by this outbreak. Not a single person. This is just mind boggling to me.

So, let’s talk about the things we can do instead of the (many) things we can’t.

The Center for Disease Control issued an article about what we can do to manage our mental health and cope during this time of crisis.

Firstly, take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to the news stories out there, including social media. This one particularly speaks to me. I find myself obsessively scouring my social media and news sites to try and find updates around the world, news on my friends, and of course, the ever-changing limitations in our state. It’s enough to drive a person crazy. So, take breaks from the news!

Ironic for a reporter to say, I know, but it is very sage advice to keep from getting flooded with information

Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch or meditate. Spotify has some wonderful meditation podcasts and albums out there for those who are unsure of how to meditate.

Try to eat healthy, well balanced meals as much as possible. Exercise regularly, try to sleep regularly, and avoid alcohol or drugs.

I fall into the trap of not sleeping when too anxious, so I find the best trick is to just try and listen to my favorite meditation tracks or story podcasts. It helps to have some sort of routine in this turbulent time.

Also, during this “social distancing,” the isolation can make one feel even more anxious. Connecting with others on the phone or through video chat is the best way to combat those feelings. Find someone you trust to talk to about your concerns.

Stay strong, stay safe, and keep looking for those silver linings.

Elizabeth Sustaita can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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