Patrick Shelby

Patrick Shelby

Thanksgiving blew in with a hearty blast of wintery character, adding to the holiday landscape which brought together family and friends sharing in the celebration and all the festive traditions turkey day encompasses.

Yes, I acknowledged that my “Holiday Spirit” had not shifted into high gear last week, even though the borrowed, red and black checkered heated blanket had me cruising in the right direction.

After attending the Sunnyside Christian Childcare Center 5K Turkey Trot where 114 runners gathered to navigate the frigid course in striving to help teachers with a scholarship fund and the Hernandez family of Mabton, and their traditional football game on Thursday morning, I was fully inspired to make the most of the holiday.

Once I had finished covering both self-assigned duties, my next task was a large caramel macchiato to accompany me on the drive up SR 241 to see if I could capture an image which conveyed a rugged charm of the Rattlesnake Hills underneath the scattering of snow and gusting winds.

Re-energized with a new goal and focus, both hands were on the wheel as I hit the adventurous road – in pursuit of a concept that hopefully, would present itself to me or that I would be able to recognize the moment before passing it by.

Looking to discover a scenic reference point which portrays a present-day connection of feeling, my eyes were on the road ahead, but my thoughts seemed to be in the rearview mirror with every mile marker. I reckon it’s that time of the year when nostalgia and memories ramble down a familiar route.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, I was thankful to be heading north and searching for one of day’s free-range themes. And finally, the open road revealed a symbolic vista which caught my attention as I pulled off on the shoulder to compose the picture.

Outside, the wind chill could be felt all the way through to the bone, but the journey for making the most out of the day and getting the picture proved to be time well spent.

Keeping in tune with the moment, I would learn how time has a way of revealing its purpose and on Saturday evening before the Third annual Sunnyside High School Boys’ Basketball Alumni game, that truth was acknowledged in a meaningful phone call from my son.

I was extremely grateful for those faithful memories which provided me with determined resolve and heartfelt comfort to keep moving life forward. And, in kick starting my excitement for the 31st annual Sunnyside Lighted Implement Parade on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 6:30 p.m. with the route traveling across Yakima Valley Highway and down Edison Ave. to city center.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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