Travel Buddy

We have an invader in our midst — one Buddy, my ever-faithful Yorkie, isn’t ready to accept.

For that matter, I’m not a fan either.

It appears the cat network has again targeted our house as the place to drop off stray, but adorable, kittens.

I’m not ready to adopt the financial burden of neutering another cat, but we must accept that responsibility. Even though I’ve already spent a fortune on kitten control, I can’t contribute to another feline population explosion.

And, I can’t bear the thought of dropping the baby off at the area animal shelter, even though it would take the little twerp… a decision Buddy is fully supporting.

The latest orphan showed up on Friday, and it won’t leave. Buddy and I have scourged the neighborhood looking for its rightful owner, only to be greeted with blank smiles of denial.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Daughter Sarah has brought it into the house and is feeding and snuggling with it. She has even named it. I keep putting it back outside when she isn’t watching.

Buddy and I don’t know why our house is a mecca for cats. We really aren’t fans. Neither of us beg for their company. Quite the opposite. We believe that cats are obnoxious and lazy, plus they are messy.

Buddy runs cats off every chance he gets, and I just ignore the four we already have.

My mecca theory is that for months, cats hide behind the moon. Then in the spring, they return to leave their excess kittens in unsuspecting homes. Homes like ours, where other cats have been inadvertently taken in.

The problem is so severe that friends have taken to giving me “Cat Lady” coffee cups.

I think we have hit maximum cat density at five, and we are struck with it.

Buddy, however, is counting on Sarah’s promise that she will find a new home for her striped, grey charmer “T.J.”

Buddy would be most grateful. It’s that, or Buddy makes good on his decision to make me take it to the shelter.


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