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I have a date for the day after Valentine’s Day — an engagement with a plethora of chocolatey goodness.

Will I share in my bounty of truffles, milk chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate coconut and dark chocolate foil heart wonderfulness? No.

Being single, I don’t have to share. So, I wait. Then I celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th because the decorated boxes of chocolate hearts all go on sale. So do the cutesy Valentine’s cards which I sign “to Julia, from your not so secret admirer.”

I plan to attack the grocery store shelves Saturday morning and stockpile my gooey treasures, then head home and pour a nice glass of merlot and settle in to watch a stack of English murder mysteries.

Or I can call a couple of my also single girl friends for an afternoon enjoying this weekend’s Red Wine and Chocolate event at the area wineries — another Valentine’s Day weekend staple. It runs through Monday, Jan. 17.

There is nothing saying I can’t do both — after all I have only myself to please.

We might all gather to watch my favorite mysteries and continue to drink wine we’ve purchased for ourselves on the tour.

It’s a nice idea.

It is surprising how many single people there are ready to take advantage of the after ‘chocolate day’ sales. We are a big block of the buying public, nearly 44 percent of the American adults are single, according to the National Singles day website. That is roughly more than 11 million people.

That is a lot of competition for my candy.

Perhaps my buying spree should start earlier than I originally intended. My plan was to wait until 10 a.m., Saturday morning, but

Perhaps I better reschedule for an earlier hour. I don’t want to share with any of the other singles out there.

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