Deb Brumley

Deb Brumley

Blessed are young parents of one-year old toddlers with stamina which seems to endlessly replenish. And blessed are the single parents of the world, who show up to actively parent their children.

Husband, JimmyCoed and I were reminded over the outrageously filling Thanksgiving weekend what it takes to keep up with the energy and curiosity of a little one.

Youngest daughter’s best friend, who is part mine joined us the day after Thanksgiving. Daughter and friend, Kort, after 20 years of close family escapades and friendship – the girls bonded in third grade over two rolls of postal tape, are still tight.

Super single mamma, Kort was recently and most deservedly promoted to supervise a small chain of dialysis clinics in Spokane. She educated herself on the job and competed, she felt on a wing and a prayer for the November promotion. She doesn’t seem to see the uber capable women we all see, but perhaps the promotion is helping reinforce her truth.

She is also the hyper diligent, single mom of one-year old Chandler Grey.

Chandler can do cement stairs with both fists filled with sippie cups and stuffed Moos (stuffed cows). He can dance to Old McDonald’s, ei, ei, oooo, for three hours straight. He can dust the floor behind the washer and dryer then run with an invisible cloak, to the bedroom to taste test a nibble of lavender.

His mamma should be recruited by the Mariners’ defense for her two room, right hip slide on hardwood floors to pull the experiment out of his mouth.

For my money, as a former single mom of three perfect kids, single parents are the largest contingent of heroes in the universe. Singletons make the oatmeal, dry the tears and learn how to fix the car heaters using YouTube. Single parents have no one to blame when the tooth fairy fails, nor do they have someone to poke in the ribs when offspring are doing their interpretation of a candy cane on the school holiday program stage.

Blessed is our family to have this adopted daughter. Blessed also is Jack and Daniels for making the holiday gift size container – these are for working mammas whose one year old has logged in but three hours of sleep in two days.

Deb Brumley can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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