Discussing life with my 35-year-old Portland son, who was born with some type of fabulous wiring which compels him to call his mother every single day at 12:30 p.m., for 15, not 12 or 14 minutes, through college, through law school, during his study for the bar.

He displayed additional son mojo by taking and passing the Oregon bar on my birthday last year. And you thought this was going to be a mushy diatribe, didn’t you? Half wrong.

During our life’s a ride discussion last week we came to a solid conclusion; one, since asked to write a column on an election time topic, I don’t mind sharing.

We are living in a time of extraordinary political involvement. We are also living in a time when it’s becoming the norm to be polarized, stay divided, become content, dug in, enter the emotional overload zone about politics and issues and check out.

In lieu of disconnecting, pointing fingers, separating community and personal outcomes from say, the importance of your vote in an election, do something.

Steve Gargulia, researcher on the topic of action and inaction, happens to agree with me, (though we have never met!). Gargulia’s body of research says three things: action is a muscle; humans are wired to take action later and we always want to help others in their indecisiveness, rather than take needed action on our own home front first.

How do these research bullet points relate to voting, politics and issues? If you trust research, then by default, taking the do nothing or give advice to your friend first path seems to be a natural response.

But I say respond differently, do something, anything, to create progress, a ripple or a wave of momentum, to support that or those which you believe in. Do something.

We have our children and grandchildren paying attention to every nuance about us. Show those in your circle, you support your ideals, way of life, values, by voting, talking up your candidate, having a discussion about your vision or preference in leaders and their styles or asking someone if they have registered yet: this is doing something.

Your something need not be large, overly involved, long-term, loud or popular, but any action you take creates a reaction on multiple levels. Do something, because wringing hands and doing nothing, in no way progresses your ideals or beliefs.

There are always people watching how you conduct yourself in this wonderful society where we are free to express ourselves. So, do something.

2019 Washington State Primary Election Day is Aug. 6. Ballots are out now. Residents can register to vote up until election day.

Do something.

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