When a country fails to defend it’s borders, it ceases to become a sovereign nation. And when judges can dictate when, where and how an elected president can protect the public from unneeded or unwanted foreigners, electorate control of the federal government has been ceded to politicians masquerading in judicial robes.

Such is the case with the last week’s proceedings in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Yesterday, the appellate court held that states have standing in a case that limited travel into the U.S. from seven nations known as hotbeds for terrorism. And while not explicitly giving our constitutional rights to foreigners in foreign lands, the decision effectively gives aliens the right to due process.

While we wholeheartedly back states rights, the authority to decide who may enter our nation has and rightfully should rest with the elected president. This is clearly a matter of national security, and clearly beyond the scope of states’ rights.

As for the granting of due process to foreigners in foreign lands, the courts erred, too. In fact, in Landon v. Plasencia, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “an alien seeking initial admission has no constitutional rights...”

The Supreme Court has said there are three classes of people when it comes to citizenship — non-U.S. citizens outside the country, citizens inside the U.S. and legal permanent residents. Only U.S. citizens are entitled to all protections guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

The courts’ decisions on this matter will only embolden those who want to destroy our nation. Furthermore, it only serves to jeopardize the rights and lives of U.S. citizens at home and abroad.

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