Here we go again, asking the federal government to fix a problem it can’t fix.

School (or college) massacres are not a national problem. They are a local problem.

We can sympathize with the families and the community that suffered through the massacre in Florida, but we can’t be so emotional we lose all common sense.

If the federal government could make school children safer, it would have done so by now. But no, all it can do is react with sorrow and spring into the next gun control argument.

Some Americans act as if these school massacres are a new phenomenon. They are not.

The first one recorded in the U.S. took place in 1764. One of the worst in our nation’s history took place in 1927.

School massacres are not even an American phenomenon. Read about Peshawar, Pakistan, Beslan in Russia and Carissa University in Kenya.

Gun-control advocates should stop and think, for once. Nobody who wants to kill will let a law stop him or her. Heck, we can’t even get all our best citizens to obey traffic laws.

The only thing that will happen if our nation alters or eliminates the 2nd Amendment is the loss of ability to fight a tyrannical government.

You’ve never seen one, so you don’t believe it can happen here. No, neither Barack Obama nor President Donald J. Trump has been a tyrant.

Democrats, who are yelling gun control again, had their chance. There were two years when they had the presidency and both houses of Congress when Barack Obama was in power. They did nothing.

That’s because they know gun control won’t work. All that would have been accomplished is damage to the constitution.

President Trump is trying some of this gun control. Even if the Congress agrees, it won’t matter. The measures under discussion still won’t stop the massacres.

The best way to stop this madness is the Toppenish School District way, where some school officials are armed.

Take a stand against the perpetrators and be ready to kill them when they come.

It won’t be long before most of them understand this game is over.

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