Federal employees working without pay have recently been admonished.

 We have heard they could borrow money to tide them over. People have said federal workers should have a reserve fund for government shutdowns.

Our own massive government doesn’t have a rainy day fund. With our $22 trillion debt we can’t pay our own workers. If we borrow money as a nation, we borrow it from our own people who are now not even earning a check. We have borrowed about $3 trillion from our Social Security fund thus far. Our government also wants to scale these benefits back for our retirees. We have borrowed money from China and Japan and others to the tune of $6 trillion. 

 Government is a poor role model for financial management. 

 Many state governments are in shambles trying to reduce pensions promised, increasing taxes to pay salaries and benefits, while billions of dollars in debt.

County and city governments are facing the same problems. Everybody has a big budget and not enough money to fund the budget. Too many have borrowed money to the hilt to keep everything going as if there is plenty of money. Sadly, we have lived in a panacea of lunacy. 

 Whenever your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep is your downfall. 

 It is criminal when Government spends money, it does not have, knowing that the only way it will be funded is to further tax its citizens. Government steals the money you work hard for and then mismanages, mishandles and misappropriates it. They lie to us, kick the can down the road and enslave our children and grandchildren with massive debt. 

 In reality, does government even care about us? Do they care about our children having a chance at the American dream? Will our grandchildren really know what it’s like to drive on smooth roads and safe bridges? Will government pensions and Social Security become a thing of the past? If Government can’t pay you this week, then why do you think they will pay us in our old age?

Thus, as scary as it all is, we had better find a way to make and save some money because they are showing us firsthand that Government is not even competent much less infallible. 

 Federal, state and local government must change. We must stop: spending money that we do not have; building other nations at the expense of our own; involving ourselves in the business of other countries; taking care of criminals flooding our country. We must start: keeping our jobs and payrolls in America. 

 Finally, our future is scary. Without real change and working together we are going to drown together.

It won’t be fun pointing our fingers at each other at the bottom of the lake.

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