We take the long weekend off, sort of, wishing you a happy holiday this Labor Day weekend.

We say sort of because we’ll be out at a couple of festivals, enjoying them while working.

But that’s all right. We’ll be with you, and there is nothing better than a Yakima Valley friend.

While we celebrate, let’s be careful in our travels. Don’t just look at intersections, look twice. And let’s remember those who toil while we rest.

Labor Day was launched back in the 1800s by a labor union that decided workers needed a day to call their own. It took a while for it to catch on with most employers.

But like all good parties, Labor Day slowly caught on. Now nearly everybody celebrates the holiday.

And, they should. Everyone in this country is a worker in one way or another. We often mistakenly believe the other guy has a piece of cake for a job.

You can be just as tired after a day at the office as you can be driving a tractor. Different areas of your anatomy may be affected, but we all get tired.

So let’s accept we’re all workers and deserving of this long weekend. Remember, some of us will be working the weekend.

The Washington State Patrol will be out in large numbers. So will the Yakima County Sheriff’s office. Your local police will be working, and your firefighters will be on the alert for fires, while emergency medical technicians will respond to drownings and other aid calls.

Thank them for looking out for you. And when you go to he grocery store on Labor Day for something you forgot for your cookout, thank the checker and anyone else who is working there.

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