The Sunnyside Sun is a community-first and independently owned newspaper, focused on making a positive difference for residents in the Lower Valley. We are your hometown news source and are committed to cultivating an innate relationship that an audience can count on to call their own.

We will provide accurate and candid reporting, colorful and spirited photography and engaging multimedia content to earn your trusted readership throughout the day. News that unites neighborhoods and inspires communications to act locally is our goal. A responsibility that we are proud to carry and determined to grow.

Everyone here has at least one story to tell and the Sunnyside Sun embraces that melodic fact.

The roots of community journalism were planted here 117 years ago and it is our time to get back to where we come from as we move forward together.

I will be sharing my perspective on how life here in Sunnyside and the Lower Valley develops through an open eye. To be out in the community, where there is colorful detail to document, is the adventure I seek.

There are times, I see the world around me as an expression of what I may be feeling or looking toward others in trying to capture a quality of strength in the moment that empowers. I always try to see the special surroundings that contribute to a positive meaning with a radiance of truthful character.

As a storyteller with an eye for imagery that encapsulates my passion, to communicate and connect with others is who I strive to be. With each sunrise, I embrace the challenge to use my talents in a creative manner that looks to add to a smile or inspire someone to see beyond their own dynamic range.

That is my professional, as well as personal, goal. I am not afraid of failure. I am only scared of not trying to communicate.

Patrick Shelby,

Sunnyside Sun Managing Editor

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