Students should be in class

SUNNYSIDE — It didn’t take long.

After the March 14 national anti-gun walkout, other groups are pushing for more walkouts.

Already, a national walkout is being pushed by anti-abortion groups for April 11, and students at a California high school have picked up the mantle.

Then there’s the already planned “Day of Silence” protest April 27. That protest is sponsored by gay and lesbian political groups who assert that like-minded students are bullied. The day is generally silent, but there are already rumblings this year’s “Day of Silence” will be another national walkout.

And it’s not just students who may be walking out. Teachers in other areas of the country are also considering walkouts April 2, but only to increase their pay.

Some may argue that politically motivated walkouts provide a civics lesson for students. While that may be true, the lesson will come at the expense of traditional — and necessary — lessons in mathematics, reading, writing, science and more.

The sleeping “protest” lion has been awakened in middle and high schools. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be easy to lull it back to sleep.

Taxpayers, however, deserve to know they are only paying for basic education, not political indoctrination.

School officials need to keep students in class, focused on academics.

It’s already past time for school districts nationwide to nip campus protests and walkouts in the bud.

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