There was not an empty seat inside the Law and Justice Center’s Municipal Court, which is also used for the City Council chambers, as concerned residents took part in the special meeting regarding the proposed Marijuana Control Ordinance on June 6.

And, how ironic that on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, a patriotic remembrance for our World War II heroes who invaded the beach at Normandy were fighting a united campaign of freedom for others — Sunnyside neighbors exercised those freedoms and participated in our democratic form of government.

Municipal government is a mirror of the community, which joins residents to become involved throughout the public process. The importance of these rights must be remembered, along with those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedoms and providing us with an honorable purpose that must stand tall as an example for the next generation.

The quality of life here in the Lower Yakima Valley connects residents with hometown issues and brings them to life — engaging communication and the exchange of ideas to learn about concerns which expand our abilities to understand and practice acceptance as we move forward in safeguarding an environment that we’re proud to call home.

A wide spectrum of neighbors of all ages participated in expressing their viewpoints from both sides of the issue that may have affected each one of us in similar fashion or possibly in a completely different manner.

The point was everyone in attendance listened to what was being communicated, which increased the overall goal of making Sunnyside a strong and vibrant community.

The people who spoke before the council are not a majority of voters that represent the entire town, but they do deliver an important message of democracy in action, and that one voice or one vote can make a difference.

The insights shared by those who felt compelled to state their opinions contributed to the governmental process that stands for a patriotic wave of local valor and colorful pride.

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