The 2019 General Election votes from this first Tuesday in November will be counted and results made official on Wednesday.

Yakima County residents made their voices heard with almost half the ballots being received early by the County Election Division.

Mid-term voters mailed in or dropped off their ballots in record numbers. This year, there seemed to be a rallying pledge of patriotic activism, which crossed all party lines and united Lower Valley towns – the call of democracy to make one’s voice heard and their vote count.

The red, white and blue colors rippled with American pride yesterday as people banded together to make a difference.

On this spirited occasion, we all join forces to lead by example. From an accomplished past to a future inspired by freedom, our ability to appreciate and respect the flag resonates soundly.

As children, most of us grew up with receiving stickers for a job well done. Gold stars shined brightly and were a mark of distinctive achievement… kind of like a badge of honor that you would be proud to wear.

Yakima County voters earned the privilege to wear an “I Voted” sticker and reaffirm our strength of community character on a day that instilled individual participation in the process of winning, together.

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