SUNNYSIDE — After a long political correctness battle, the Boys Scouts of America have finally thrown in the towel. Or have they?

This week, the organization announced it would admit girls to the traditional boy-oriented program and change its name to Scouts BSA. (Yes, that BSA is an acronym for Boy Scouts of America.)

But while girls will be able to join the organization, they will remain segregated. They will have their own troops and participate in girls-only camp-

outs. Still sounds like Girl Scouts of the USA to us.

Locally, many Boy Scout troops are affiliated with religious organizations. Those groups are not required to admit girls.

So far, local groups have said no girls have expressed an interest in jumping ship from Girls Scoults to Scouts BSA. Why would they? They are still going to be segregated from the boys.

Meanwhile, the Girls Scouts have yet to allow boys to join that organization, unless they claim they are transgender.

The move to force Boy Scouts to accept girls, but not require Girl Scouts to accept boys sets a dangerous double-standard. And it does nothing to advance the cause of girls or scouting.

Sure girls who join Boy Scouts will be able to use the same handbook and earn the same badges. And yes, they’ll even be able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. But the fact is they won’t be accepted as “one of the boys.” Likewise, any boy accepted into Girl Scouts (if the organization is ever required to accept them) will never be “one of the girls.”

From our perspective, the move has done nothing to further the cause of scouting, nor will it improve the lives of our boys and girls, or their experiences.

We don’t see any reason for the change if boys and girls are going to continue to be segregated. But we see plenty of reasons to continue to allow only boys to be Boy Scouts and girls to be Girl Scouts.

Why force Boy Scouts to change if girls are going to be segregated? What’s the difference if girls remain in Girl Scouts?

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