The staff of the Daily Sun News enjoys being your community newspaper. Dedicated staff members are watchful for story and photo opportunities to promote the bounty of the Lower Valley, especially its people. Our neighbors.

Certainly, there are times when the news isn’t pleasant. We need to give it its due diligence but we’re also looking forward to the beginning of high school sports and we’ll do so with renewed enthusiasm. The same can be said for our coverage of people and events, retail and agricultural business, community festivals and taco wars. We’ll earn your trust to be the story tellers for Sunnyside and the Lower Yakima Valley.

It’ll take some time and we’ll need your assistance; we’re listening. Key departures of management and editorial members offers our staff the benefit of building new relationships and trust: we’ve started the process already.

Readers have noticed this newspaper’s commitment to “people-first” coverage while others have, so-far, gently corrected our missteps.

We welcome your story ideas and your letters-to-the-editor. Our printed editions—as well as our access to digital media—awaits your event announcements and business and personal milestones. (Least we not forget: our advertising salespeople await your invite to discuss your business needs.)

Of special interest to this veteran (read: old) publisher is the inclusion of community correspondents. Personally, I harken for the days when I’d receive the weekly news from Bickleton—then printed in The Goldendale Sentinel—with reports of the weather, the wheat crop and who visited for Sunday dinner; usually fried chicken. So here’s the deal: If you are a reader from outside Sunnyside and would enjoy a byline over a story of the happenings in your community we’d enjoy hearing from you. The pay? The appreciation of others within your community and the faithful subscribers of the Daily Sun News.

Just call, email or drop by for a visit with me or Editor Ted Escobar (; 509-837-4500).

Andy McNab

Interim Publisher

509-837-4500, office

208-983-6145, cellular

POB 878

Sunnyside WA 98944

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