Dan Newhouse

Congressman Dan Newhouse

Christmas is the season of hope and joy, and as we look to the brightening days ahead, it is important we bring that same sense of love and generosity that has filled our hearts and homes over the last few weeks with us into the new year.

For those of us who have the privilege of calling Central Washington home, there is much for which we are grateful. We are free to observe holy days as our conscience, not the government, dictates. We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with bountiful farmland and majestic rivers all around. We are surrounded by wonderful families and veterans who have served our country faithfully. Most importantly, we have our neighbors. In Central Washington, we believe in community, responsibility, and the willingness to rise to a challenge when presented with one. And it shows.

There is much work ahead of us to be sure, especially in our nation’s capital. We need to continue to work to reform the tax code and reduce burdensome federal regulations so our economy can grow and in turn improve our quality of life. We must protect our domestic energy and food production to ensure our adversaries don’t gain a foothold against us. We need to support our communities, our law enforcement officers, and our vulnerable populations, such as the indigenous women who face threats every day. We must defend our Constitution, which upholds our most fundamental rights.

The answer is not more top-down rules from D.C. or unilateral executive actions that go around the people’s elected representatives in Congress, but thoughtful, responsible legislation.

Many challenges remain in the second half of the 117th Congress, and as a Central Washingtonian I am not just willing, but eager to represent our region effectively in 2022. I am committed to continuing to advocate for our people and our freedoms every day.

To people all around the world I wish blessings of a joy, hope and love. As we look to the dawning of the new year, I hope you will join me as I pray for a safe, united, and hopeful America.

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