Million-dollar dreams

“All creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful the Lord God has made them all,” so the Anglican hymn goes.

In a time when threats of domestic terror seem to lurk on all sizes, I am thankful to have Buddy, my pint-size Yorkshire Terrier pal, at my side to alert me to the dangers of trick or treaters banging on the door, or to the unprovoked sneakiness of cats sleeping in my easy chair.

It’s comforting to go home and snuggle with my canine pal and his friends — Winston the Chihuahua-

Pug and Georgia, the lumbering Bassett Hound — after a long afternoon riding on the school bus or a few hours of civic duty at City Council.

They bring comfort and lower the angst I feel after watching the six o’clock news or reading the local headlines.

I can’t imagine not having my fur-covered friends racing around the house, even if they do, from time to time, drive me a little crazy. Like those times when they hog the bed, or they wake up the neighborhood howling at strange noises from outside.

I forget sometimes that they also need prayers of comfort to be able to continue their self-appointed guarding duties.

But the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church hasn’t.

For the past several years, the parish has hosted a community pet blessing day to give thanks to God for giving us our animal friends. This year it is on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in the church courtyard, and you don’t have to be member of the church to have your animal friends blessed.

I’ve been to the ceremony when animal lovers have brought their ponies, rabbits and goats, in addition to a plethora of canines and felines. Typically, the animals are well mannered. But I wouldn’t want to push it.

Rarely have I taken my little yipping pups to the event, dressed up in their best “go to church” sweaters and matching leashes.

I don’t think I can pack Georgia’s robust self into a pet carrier, but she does look cute in her red Beyoncé party dress and hot pink leather leash.

Buddy is dashing in his shiny pink sweater, and Winston… well, he is too cool to wear a sweater, so a fancy collar will have to do.

I think, if we are outside, everything should be okay with the kids. I don’t want to tax their limited supply of good behavior.

Treats do await the good boys and girl, because above all they are a blessing to me, and I do thank God for their presence in my life.

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