Paying for political gain

Jeremie Dufault

It’s one of those good news, bad news and worse news things.

First, the good news.

State revenue is projected to grow over the next two years to a total of $50 billion. That’s almost twice what we spent 10 years ago.

The bad news? The Democrats in Olympia — including Gov. Jay Inslee — want more.

The worse news? The Democrats are in control.

That’s why powerful members of the Legislature are, as I write, figuring out ways to raise existing taxes and create new ones … including a clearly illegal state income tax. They want those billions of additional dollars for (among other things) our state’s version of a Green New Deal and a plan to save about 12 Orca whales.

My priorities are different.

Step one: Don’t raise taxes. We have more than enough money to fund existing programs and to address new challenges.

Step two: Stash some of the surplus into our state’s “rainy day” fund and — Heaven forbid! — cut existing taxes.

Unfortunately, there are more of them than there are of us, so we are likely to see even more taxes and more spending this year, in spite of the surplus.

But I won’t support it.

Jeremie Dufault is the 15th District Washington State Representative currently serving in Olympia.

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