Initiative I-1639 — Safe School and Safe Communities

Nice title but anything but nice for law abiding citizens who possess firearms

I-1639 does nothing to directly benefit school security.

I-1639 is an anti-firearm initiative pushed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which is funded primarily by Seattle Seahawks billioinaire owner Paul Allen, aided primarily by his millionaire crony, investment banker Nick Hanauer plus others.

While Allen has his personal military grade weapons museum, he and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility want to deny you and me the right of self-defense.

I-1639 will be on our November 2018 voter ballot. It defines ALL semi-automatic rifles as so called Assault Rifles.

It creates an exceedingly broad definition of what rifles are to be included no matter the year of manufacture, make or caliber, even the .22 caliber rimfire rifles you and I grew up with when we were pre-teen age, rifles such as the hugely popular Ruger 10-22, Remington 597 and Marlin 60.

It would not impact crime or stop criminals.

It would have little to no effect on violent crime.

Handguns, not semi-automatic rifles, are used in only a very small number of criminals. Criminals, by definition, do not follow the law. Criminals will continue to acquire firearms where and however they can.

This initiative would only affect law abiding firearm owners, making it even tougher for you and me to obtain a commonly owned semi-automatic rifle for self-defense or recreation making ourselves and our homes less safe.

It would require firearm owners to lock up our firearms or face criminal charges, creating a new so-called “safe storage” crime which imposes criminal liability for a new offense of “community endangerment” if a prohibited person gains access to a firearm even through theft.

It would strip adults age 18 to 20 of their Constitutional right to self-defense.

Currently this age group is prohibited from purchase or receiving any handgun. I-1639 would expand that law to include all semi-automatic rifles.

In addition to the current criminal and mental health background check, would authorize the State Department of Licensing (DOL) to check with other agencies and resources to “determine a person’s ineligibility to possess a firearm”, would require the EBGC to be “processed annually or more often to determine the persons continued eligibility to possess a firearm”.

Who and what are these other agencies? Who and what resources? Who in the public sector? Who in the private sector? Certainly not you or me!

I-1639 authorizes the DOL, together with the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and local law enforcement agencies, plus public and private sectors to write the structure of this invasion of privacy to be imposed on you and me annually.

Keep in mind those who are charged with writing the structure of this EBGC “are intent on determining your ineligibility” to possess a firearm”.

Who in the public and private sector may our DOL and WSP consult with to assist them in the design structure of the EBGC?

You can bet Alliance for Gun Responsibility will be at the table.

You can bet neither you nor I will be at that table and certainly not the NRA.

If I-1639 were to become law, applying to purchase of a firearm opens the door for DOL to determine your ineligibility to possess all Firearms. I-1639 is all about removing firearms from the possession of the public, as often and as many as possible.

— Jim Lydigsen is a Selah volunteer for the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action.

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