College admissions scandal burns

This story is legendary with current and former staff at the Daily Sun News but may not appeal to those who can’t find their funny bone when it comes to superstitious individuals.

It is a story about a chair used by four different women in the office some 15 years ago or so.

This was one of those ugly, rose pink office chairs. It seemed there was nothing particularly unusual about it when I first began working here.

It was a chair that was placed at my work station, and I didn’t think anything was amiss.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my now 18-year-old daughter that I learned the others in the office believed it was the chair of fertility.

Ummm, what?

Not being one for superstition myself, I laughed at the other ladies. After all, my husband and I planned my pregnancy. A chair had nothing to do with it.

My daughter was born, and I continued about my duties without much concern.

That was until just after her first birthday when I learned I was going to have another little blessing… one I hadn’t anticipated.

The ladies in the office didn’t necessarily laugh, but there were a lot of knowing looks shot my way.

“It’s the chair,” one exclaimed.

That sassy remark didn’t quite sit well with me, but an explanation finally followed.

I’d been working for the newspaper three years at the time, and they were finally going to let me in on the “little secret.”

Prior to my employment the co-worker with the all-knowing attitude told me she used the same chair for a few years. While she was of a similar mindset as me, she believed her two daughters somehow were conceived because she used the chair. And, she could only conclude it was some magical force associated with said chair.

How did she reach this conclusion?

After she had her second daughter, she passed the chair to a well-known individual in our community who also worked here — Elizabeth Osborn.

She was trying to get pregnant and was warned there was a possibility she might become pregnant if she used the 80s rose pink chair.

Not deterred, Elizabeth continued on and soon after, learned she was pregnant with her oldest child, Olen.

She left the Daily Sun News to be a full-time mom and another woman was hired.

History repeated itself and opened the door to my employment.

The chair’s demise came about one day in 2003. I was both elated and surprised when it happened.

I was sitting at my desk, pushed away to tend to some task and the back fell away while I was still seated.

I crashed to the ground and face planted on my desk. The light at the end of the tunnel was that I was getting rid of that chair.

I nearly did a happy dance right there!

“Tim… What can we do with this chair, now that it has no back?”

I think he laughed since he knew of its “fabled” history with the women in the office. In fact, there were women who refused to use it, from what I recently learned.

“I guess, just put it at my downstairs desk,” he responded.

The other ladies in the office had a mini celebration, joking, “At least we won’t have any more pregnancies in the office.”

You know what? There haven’t been any more Daily Sun News babies since that chair was transferred to the boss.

I guess the magic doesn’t work with men.

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