College admissions scandal burns

The winter athletic season was tremendous for local teams.

Sunnyside had nearly a dozen girls and more than that from the boys wrestling teams competing at Mat Classic, and the girls basketball team returned to the Hardwood Classic after two years.

Sunnyside Christian’s boys and girls basketball teams also returned to the Hardwood Classic with the boys claiming their third State title in as many years.

Among all these teams were several all-conference honorees, league and district champions.

These student athletes are a shining example of hard work, perseverance and character in the community.

They pour their hearts and souls out during the season and are an example of what the community stands for.

The sacrifices they make are a direct correlation to the sacrifices of their family, friends and fellow community members make to ensure Sunnyside, and the Lower Yakima Valley, thrives.

People living in the Lower Valley are hard-working and dedicated.

It was succinctly stated by a business leader at this past Monday’s Grandview Chamber of Commerce meeting, “When the rubber hits the road, people come together in support of one another.”

Up and down the stretch of I-82, from Zillah to Prosser, the communities, although separate, are interconnected.

Family and friends in Sunnyside support Prosser residents. Prosser residents support family and friends in Zillah.

The communities, though separate, are one big community of people who are dedicated to the well-being of those living and working with them to make this part of the world a great place to live.

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