It is really an awful shame that many of the Sunnyside streets are robbed of their right-hand turns.

I have seen school buses, as well as trucks, driving over the islands because they are unable to make the proper right-hand turns as before.

It’s kind of a nightmare now.

With more traffic in this town as ever before, it has become more difficult to drive here.

Having lived here for over 65 years, I don’t know how we were able to live with the “at one time normal right-hand turns,” which we had all those many years.

It certainly was much easier, and more convenient, the old way.

There were no problems before. So, why fix it if it isn’t broke?

Now, look at how “screwed” up those streets are. It just makes one mad when looking at them and makes you think what a mistake and what a waste of money.

Just wait till the parking in front of the Post Office is changed.

Money spent on the islands supposedly was a grant to change all these intersections.

Many people are under the impression that a government grant is free government money. However, a grant from the government is not Free Money, but is Taxpayer’s Money.

An actual grant is money donated by an individual or a corporation. That is what’s know as a grant, and that is free money.

The subject grant funds could have been used much more wisely for the current city of Sunnyside heavy indebtedness, instead!

Henry Timmermans


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