January 16, 2019 around 7:55 a.m. my dog was hit by the school bus # 11.

The driver not only passed the first tire on top of him but also the tire on the back over him too and continued on his way as if it was just a piece of trash that he had run over, bearing in mind that it was a dog.

I ran towards him ... I was shocked, my dog was in pieces; he totally destroyed him.

I fainted in that instant. My parents ran towards me. My dog was already gone, and it was not only a dog is a family member too. I was in a deep pain inside, I went into a lot of depression from that day, remembering how he left him.

So, I contacted the Sunnyside School District 201, to talk about what happened. I made an appointment to speak with Dalery, she checked in the system that he was really going over speed and that the driver had admitted it too. After that, I talked with Gary “the manager” told me that he could not give me compensation, and I answered what I wanted was to get him off at the speed that did not matter a compensation that my dog would never return back, which this time had been my dog, but he could have been a child, the street is gravel road and the road is frozen in the morning.

Without caring anything, he said “I’m sorry everything will remain the same” I frustrated the way of not caring that the bus carries children, and not to take matters into his own hands. He told me to leave everything like that because otherwise I would lose, literally.

He tried to intimidate myself. Not only bus # 11 passes through my house, there is another bus that passes without speeding from the Grandview District, it is very easy to notice the speed difference from both buses.

The Sunnyside School District must be more in line with the speed of their drivers, not only because of what happened to me, but because every day the children get on a school bus with irresponsible drivers who exceed the speed limits.

From that day until today bus #11 continues speeding.

Jennifer Huerta


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