I also attended the last meeting of the Sunnyside City Council. I was impressed with the letter Mr. Jason Raines wrote to the Daily Sun News pertaining to this meeting. He spoke the truth and was brave enough to write about it.

It was disheartening for me to see the City Council listen to the many testimonies from the people of our community against putting a pot store in our town and then do their best to override our will. There were three City Council who voted against it and we thank them for that. They recognize what we the public doesn’t want in our good town of Sunnyside.

Marijuana is the absolute precursor for going on to harder drugs and of course criminal behavior. Get ready if this goes through to have our crime rate go up. Woe unto our younger generation. I feel for them. Let’s keep Sunnyside, Sunnyside and not let it become Darkside.

Also, it was a total lack of class when Mr. David Rand found it necessary to demean Mr. Mike Farmer and Dr. Gary Martin, who by the way have lived here for many, many years and are known in the community as men of integrity. Good honorable men.

Come on Sunnyside It is possible to keep a pot house out of our city. We need to come together and be at our next Sunnyside Council Meeting. Don’t be bullied or intimidated by someone or something we do not want.

Kathie S. Rougk


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