In May 1901 the Sunnyside Sun published for the first time. At that time Sunnyside wasn’t yet a city and wouldn’t be incorporated until September of 1902.

The Sun chronicled the events of Lower Valley for 85 years. It merged with the Daily News in 1987 and continued to serve Sunnyside and the Lower Valley as the Daily Sun News (DSN) until today when the “Sun” comes out once more.

I spent 42 years at the newspaper. First starting with the Daily News then continued with the DSN until retiring in 2015. During that time, I know the staff worked long and hard striving to bring the community the coverage they deserved.

I want to encourage everyone to embrace and support this new publication because it is an important piece of the puzzle that makes a strong, thriving community.

Some might feel publishing once a week is not fast enough to get the word out. That would be true if it were not for the electronic daily newsletter subscribers will be privy to along with the website and other social media methods of publication.

But let’s face it…you can’t tape a website on the fridge for all to see. The printed page is still pretty special. You can touch it, feel it and smell it at times. Something that isn’t true in the digital world.

I wish the publisher Andy McNab and staff of the new Sunnyside Sun all the best as they work through the many changes and challenges of covering your community with real news and information.

I know they are capable and committed to doing just that.

Tim Graff, Spokane,

Former Daily Sun News publisher

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