This letter is in regard to the Ball Chapel, Lower Valley Memorial Gardens. Owner since last I checked was John Miller under the Pierce Group, LLC.

I’m writing on behalf of myself and my 5 sisters. Please note, this is officially a 6-person complaint, but I know we are not alone in how we feel.

Our parents have been deceased and laid to rest there since 2000 and 2004. We also have 12 to 15 more family members buried there as well (Crabtree, Cockburn, Fernandez, and Evans). Myself, my sister and our family here in California and in Washington visit our family grave sites and as far as I can remember I have always had to bring my own gardening tools for it is always in the same disgraceful condition. Once I was unable to find a grave stone for the dirt and what I think was grass/weeds had grown over the entire stone. This is unacceptable that we have to bring our own tools to hunt, dig and clean our own sites.

The owner said years ago he needed a new machine that would cost him around $4,000. It costs $4,000 just for a one person open, closing and liner. It’s sad that he hasn’t been able to come up with that amount of money for the last several years while just taking people’s money.

He doesn’t care about the upkeep. This is where we laid our loved ones to rest. Where we come on special occasions to honor them. Some of us travelling far to gaze upon their stones together as a family sharing our loved and memories of a life with them we once all shared. We should be crying those tears of missing our loved ones, not crying from the disgrace that their plots are in. They deserved the best in life and so shall they deserve the best in death. Where is the compassion that a cemetery should always show? It saddens us tremendously and causes us great distress to know their final resting place is not being taken care of like they deserve it to be. Where is the respect for the dead?

And this doesn’t just affect my family but all those that have loved ones buried in the lower area. Have you read their reviews on Yelp? You should, because it is shameful, and they don’t deserve to own or run a cemetery.

If we could afford it my twin sister and I would have them removed from there and brought here to us in a Riverside cemetery in Southern California. I hope and pray that something is done soon before I have to mortgage my home to start moving my loved ones.

Linda Crabtree Gonzalez

Sun City, Calif.

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