To the editor — Rep. Dan Newhouse voted against the American Rescue Plan for COVID-19 relief and the Equality Act this past week.

Some 76% of Americans want the American Rescue Plan Act for COVID-19 relief to become law very soon!

Republicans can obstruct and try to stop this law, but only at a risk to their own political careers.

Newhouse is wrong to oppose families receiving $1,400 checks and a continuation of unemployment benefits.

Many businesses, especially local restaurants, may not survive. Tourism is dead!

We need to end the pandemic now, to open schools, to get the economy moving again, and to get back to normal.

Many Republicans feign concern about the federal deficit, but Newhouse and other Republicans championed a 2017 tax break for the richest Americans that cost some $3 trillion.

The law didn’t help our district because no billionaires live here.

Newhouse supported Trump in accumulating an $8 trillion federal deficit, the largest ever during peacetime, and Newhouse never complained about Trump’s 300 golf trips costing taxpayers some $150 million.

Local families need help in getting vaccinated and in finding and keeping employment. Our schools need help so they can reopen safely.

Newhouse also voted against the Equality Act, even though it imposes a standard we already enjoy here in the state of Washington.

No one should face discrimination or prejudice because of who they are or who they love.

The Equality Act would impose standards we already enjoy here in Washington to backward states like Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi.

Newhouse knows that our state equality laws do not threaten religion. Churches here are doing fine.

Newhouse was wrong to vote against these bills this past week in Congress.

Newhouse should schedule a town hall meeting and listen to constituents if he wants to know our local concerns.

Rob Chandler, Sunnyside

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