The Lord has chosen me, to go to Sunnyside, (my hometown) to buy the best seeds, to plant in the best soil.

All I have to do is prey for the best crops. The Lord has chosen the soldiers and His warriors to pick the crops.

We know He will choose only the soils that can produce the bigs crops and the sweetest fruits.

This is your chance S.Side to joint with the best army. I’s going to be a very, very tough war. We are going to fight Satan. He is attacking our younger generation with drugs, video games, sex, alcohol, pornography. We are losing our young generation. Are we going to let him take them without a fight? We got Gods armor. Sunnyside has the best and well train knights. We will not lose this battle. (Eph 6:12)

Do you know S-side has 28 churchs?? Somos muy Espirituales y Religosos que hemos Perdido ser Humanitarios.

Celia Salinas, Sunnyside

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