Is Rep. Dan Newhouse trying to con people?

In his latest TV campaign ads, Newhouse said he is trying to stop the Chinese from buying farmland.

But everyone knows a group of Chinese won’t show up to purchase farms. Instead, a number of shell companies will be formed, perhaps with the name of the “American Farm Co.”

These companies will have American managers, but still have Chinese owners.

Newhouse won’t object to the “American Farm Co.” buying up local farms.

Newhouse also says he is trying to save dams on the Snake River. The future of the dams has been disputed for 70 years. Everyone in this area knows the dams are important for generating electricity and irrigation.

But the dams are in Idaho or another district; none are in this district. Why doesn’t Newhouse do something for the people here?

Many local residents are diabetic, and insulin can easily cost those without insurance $1,300 a month.

Newhouse opposed a measure to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month. Not only would this help people, it would reduce costs for Medicare and other programs.

Newhouse complains about “supply chain problems,” but when there was a measure to help American factories build computer chips, Newhouse opposed this.

Most computer chips are imported from Taiwan, and they are needed for everything from trucks to refrigerators, anything with electronics.

Newhouse also opposed an infrastructure bill, even though so many local bridges and irrigation canals are antiquated and in need of repair.

We need a congressman who will work to improve the lives of local people. Doug White is the only candidate who has promised to do this.

Doug White is an accomplished project manager who will bring improvements to our community to make everyone’s lives better. Vote for Doug White!

Rob Chandler, Sunnyside

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