To the editor – Talk about a Kangaroo Court!

If Judge Amy Coney Barrett had any integrity, she would withdraw herself from consideration for an appointment to the Supreme Court until the people have had a chance to vote and determine the future of this country.

Voting in the presidential election has already commenced in most states! Control of the Senate will also be decided.

Washington voters will receive their ballots this week.

When Chief Justice Roger Taney died on Oct. 12, 1864, less than a month before the presidential election, Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate anyone until after the election.

Lincoln was not sure he would be re-elected, and Lincoln strongly believed that the people should determine the future of the country, especially with an important lifetime appointment.

Lincoln’s approach was honorable, and it empowered American democracy.

The crass “power play” by Republicans in the middle of an election will not be honored, and it will forever taint Amy Barrett’s position on the court. There will always be an “asterisk” by her name for this unethical political maneuver.

The Supreme Court may soon decide many important issues including the outcome of the presidential election; the future of healthcare; and a woman’s right to have an abortion.

This rushed hearing is an unhealthy Super-Spreader event with Sen. Mike Lee still sick with COVID-19 but participating without a face mask! Sen. Thom Tillis also has a coronavirus infection.

What a mockery of democratic principles!

The people deserve a voice in determining this lifetime appointment!

The decision of the people regarding the future of this country should be considered and honored, not in a hearing frantic in its efforts to beat an election deadline.

No one should be considered for this lifetime appointment until voters have decided and after the Inauguration of a president next January.

Rob Chandler, Sunnyside

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