Concerns with Ostrom’s Mushroom Factory adding abhorrent smells to our already smelly Sunnyside air quality. Tons and tons of hot messy chicken manure will be brought into this plant.

They aren’t using cow manure, it’s too mild. They need the really hot stuff.

What on earth was the Port District thinking when they worked a deal with this company? No other town wanted them.

All the citizens in Sunnyside will suffer from this new plant.

Adding new jobs is a moot point. No one will want to work out there in that environment. The location is a loaded smelly area with the feed lot, and the Port District’s recycling plant.

Folks already living west of them get that smell. People on the freeway are going to get a whiff as well. No one will want to eat here, visit here, or move here.

We need a good clean tax benefiting business here and on the Monson lot. Putting in a “solar plant” is a poor idea. Those solar panels will be so dirty with ambient cow pen dirt and fly/bird poop, making it very unattractive to passerby’s and a difficult power source.

Again, what was Sunnyside thinking?

I wish more people in Sunnyside were truly interested and involved in what happens in our City and Valley. Big industry is dictating what our town is like.

Smellyside is not our name.

Kathleen Rogers, Grandview

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