It is hard to put into words the level of heartbreak and disbelief we are feeling with the loss of our office building where three generations have grown and most of us hold memories as far back as we can remember.

The walls held pictures and symbols of the accomplishments of Mountain States over the past 55+ years. 17 offices had desks covered in work from past and present. Bulletin boards were adorned with pictures and mementos of the families we share and individual achievements. Some were recoverable, a lot were lost.

Through this loss, we have been reminded of the greatness of our community. Our hearts are touched by so many who also share in our disbelief and remind us what family, community, and friendships are all about. On Saturday, as several members of our Team worked to clean up the shop and the exterior of the office structure, our friends at Burger Ranch showed up with boxes of burgers, fries, and drinks.

We especially like to thank the team of firefighters that battled our blaze for several hours last Friday night and kept watch until early the next morning. Watching them do their thing was purely amazing. It felt like we were watching a movie. Because of their efforts, we managed to recover some items that date back to 1964 and the beginning of Mountain States and Henry A. Stamschror’s career.

Mountain States joint ventured to build the Yakima Mall. When that project was complete in 1968, all the tools and equipment were allocated to the shop where they remain — still perfectly in tac. This is a symbol of the strength of Mountain States.

Plans are in the works for a fast track re-build. We are anxious to cover our new walls with our history, our present, and all that is still to come. Good thing we know a few guys who can pull off a construction project!

This setback will only affect our administration side in the short term while we set up our temporary office space and get our network back up and running. Our construction projects are not affected and the crews that make up our Team haven’t skipped a beat. Thank you again for all the support.

Angie Bonds, Mountain States Construction, Sunnyside

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