Dr. Li Meng, who’s vocation is being a virologist, was able to escape from Communist China recently. What was her crime? She was a whistle blower by telling the truth about COVID-19 (Chinese Virus) that it was man made in a lab about two miles from the outdoor market in the Wuhan Province in China.

Dr. Li Meng worked with the top virologists in the world at that lab and has scientific evidence about the operation of the lab. Another big aspect of this virus is that it was released into the world intentionally. She has written a paper concerning what happened. Dr. Li Meng appeared on Fox News on Wednesday, September 16.

Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale University Professor, said that the problems with Hydroxychloroquine is very low and has been used for over 40 years with almost no problems.

In Uganda they have a population of 42 million people, who have to take Hydroxychloroquine because of the high rate of malaria in their country; they have had only 13 die from COVID-19.

Now, Bill Gates is having this medication studied. Maybe, the American people and the world will finally realize that Trump was right; it saves lives.

Joyce Johnson, Grandview

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