I recently read some disturbing letters from Mike Farmer and Craig Hicks in the Sunnyside Sun. I normally would not respond to such ridiculous comments, but I am compelled to respond because two very amazing women are being attacked and this is not okay.

My name is Bengie Aguilar and I previously served on the City Council along with Mike Farmer. I would like to remind everyone of the following interactions I had with Mr. Farmer during those meetings:

1. I recommended that we consider bilingual staff at City Hall since we had a lot of people who lived and worked in our community who only spoke Spanish. I suggested that it would be a benefit to educate Spanish speaking residents on city hall policies, fees and expectations. Mike Farmer and others turned a deaf ear to this recommendation.

2. I suggested that we send out a bilingual newsletter in the water bill sharing important information with residents about city hall programs, events and opportunities to get involved in the community. Mike Farmer and others turned a deaf ear to this recommendation.

I bring these items forward to help you understand that we need council members who represent the whole community not just some of the community. We live in a diverse city with a huge Latino population. We need to have a holistic approach to problems and be inclusive of the whole community when making important decisions for Sunnyside.

I have known Mike his wife for a long time and although Mike and I don’t always agree, we have never let that get in the way of our friendship. I don’t believe Mike is the best choice for Sunnyside, I encourage you to VOTE Julia Hart and Betty Garza they will be a voice for ALL!

Bengie Aguilar - former Sunnyside City Councilwoman, Sunnyside

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