The recent payroll tax deferral should concern seniors.

If re-elected, Trump wants to permanently eliminate the 6.2-percent-payroll tax that is matched by employers.

The payroll tax funds Social Security and Medicare. Without funds, Medicare will cease by 2022 and Social Security by 2025.

Seniors need to plan on how to survive without Social Security.

Eliminating Social Security has been a dream of Republicans for decades. George W. Bush unsuccessfully tried to privatize Social Security. Speaker Paul Ryan talked about it endlessly.

Trump and Dan Newhouse want to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (ACA), often called “Obamacare.”

Newhouse voted at least 70 times to repeal, modify or curb ACA. Newhouse supports Trump’s legal challenge to ACA before the Supreme Court.

Without the ACA, premiums will increase and “pre-existing conditions,” like COVID infections, will not be covered.

Trump’s 2021 budget reduces Medicare spending by a total of $756 billion. This means higher co-pays for prescription drugs and cutting reimbursements for doctors. Some seniors will lose access to favorite doctors.

Newhouse has been a “Trump Enabler,” voting with Trump 93 percent of the time.

Newhouse opposed Trump’s impeachment for extorting Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden, by withholding funds to fight a Russian invasion.

Newhouse supported Trump’s 2017 tax cut where billionaires got a huge tax break. Now the richest Americans pay a lower tax rate than the bottom 50 percent.

Newhouse repeatedly said the 2017 tax cut would help our district. It did not because billionaires don’t live here.

Newhouse voted against the Heroes Act to provide additional COVID relief for working Americans.

Newhouse voted against restoring the Post Office.

When Trump made derogatory comments about veterans, Newhouse was silent.

We need a representative for the needs of the people in this area, not a Trump stooge.

Vote for Doug McKinley for Congress.

Rob Chandler, Sunnyside

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