Hearing all these for and against the sales of marijuana in this city sort of puzzles me? Not that I am for or against it! But being a person being in severe pain for MANY years, makes me look at this differently than many people.

I question why we approve selling liquor in town and not marijuana? I question why we can sell pharmaceuticals in town and not marijuana?

I then see these people debating against the sale of marijuana. Seems this has become a liberal versus a conservative debate? Or has it? Now I do not understand the human who says it is not guns that kill people, it is the person. I so agree!

But then WHY do people change their thoughts when it is marijuana?

They are now saying marijuana is the culprit rather than the human? Seems hypocritical to me? Now so many people believe that psychiatry is the brain child of knowledge of the human brain? Thus, psychology was built on one man’s thoughts. This man was Sigmund Freud. I better remember him by Sigmund Fraud. We follow cocaine addict Freud in school and in psychiatrists’ offices and approve of it? Proof man follows theory over truths.

We can go and buy marijuana in Prosser and bring it into this city.

Prosser gets the tax dollars. Makes no sense in my eyes? And let not forget GOD gave man free agency.

Yet in this marijuana debate, man wants to take free agency away? I find it appalling at time when man replaces SELF over God? We can resolve this debate once and for all. Get rid of humanity and the proof will show that it is man and not marijuana!

Humans abuse everything they are in contact with! Plain and simple.

So many causes of death in this world. From liquor, outlawed substances, Doctor mistakes, legal pharmaceuticals and we can go on and on. But the leading cause of death is BIRTH!

Let’s show some common sense. Follow not theory. But follow God’s plan of free agency. Perfection is not in any church nor government nor human!

Don Padelford


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