When we vote on November 6, here are some of the choices we will be making:

• Will we vote for liberal no-sense policies or conservative common-sense policies?

• Will we advocate tearing down more dams to help salmon while the Californian sea lions gorge on our salmon and cormorants and other birds pick off the small salmon going to the ocean?

• Will we vote for more bike lanes and light rail or more automobile lanes in our roads; more homelessness with their problems or using tough love to deal with them; less logging and more fires or good forest management including logging; closing logging roads in our national forests or keeping them open to the public; tolls on our roads or no tolls; protesters harassing innocent citizens on our city streets or cracking down on them; closing fish hatcheries or operating them; more business-destroying regulations and taxes or less of them; having more wolves, cougars, and even grizzly bears in our woods killing and eating deer, elk, and cattle, now starting to attack people, or controlling their populations; be against every job and prosperity- bringing new industry or support them; letting our nice cities be taken over and deteriorate to the point that people and businesses are no longer safe and move away, or control the problems?

Do yourself and all of us a favor and vote Conservative (Republican). Thank you.

Bob Mattila

Brush Prairie

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