College admissions scandal burns

As seems to be more common among lawmakers, the freedom to choose is being taken away again.

Last week, the Washington state Senate passed a bill much like the proposed ordinance the city of Grandview is considering… a ban on single-use plastic bags.

It isn’t that being more environmentally minded is an issue so much as the idea that lawmakers think people cannot be responsible enough to make this choice without intervention.

Re-usable bags for groceries are becoming more common. It’s trendy to be more mindful of the impact plastic bags have on the environment.

As a result, society is making the choice without those all-knowing parental figures in the legislature intervening.

For some reason, however, lawmakers seem to think they know best. Therefore, there is the push for a ban on single-use bags, and the bill will soon be before the House.

Sen. Doug Eriksen (R-Ferndale) called the measure Socialist, stating, “Little things like this is the indicator that we are trying to micromanage the economy.”

If the society in which we live is already dictating a trend toward being environmentally conscious, does the state really need to make it law?

There are reasons to create laws, such as to prevent criminal behavior, establishing people’s freedoms and accountability for infringing upon the rights or well-being of others.

The bill to ban plastic bags seems more reactionary than proactive, and it is an infringement on the right to make smart, healthy choices on one’s own.

It feels as if the government is taking one more step to babysit its residents and businesses, as if people have ceased thinking for themselves.

Well, maybe there are people who have… those who like the government and other entities to spoon feed them the information and propaganda that best fits their way of thinking.

I mean… there are people who really believe cows that fart pollute the air.

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