SUNNYSIDE — Astria Sunnyside Foundation’s annual Golf “Fore” Health Tournament teed off at 8 a.m. with a shotgun start of 65 golfers at Black Rock Creek Golf Course on Friday, June 14.

“We’ve got a full course, and every cart is gone. That’s so exciting, and 23 sponsors showing support,” foundation Director Nancy Leahy exclaimed.

Proceeds from this year’s golf tournament will benefit Astria Sunnyside Hospital and its goal for providing sustainable, comprehensive quality health care throughout Yakima Valley.

A Sunnyside veterans foursome consisting of team captain Bob Hicks, Air Force 86 Avionics Maintenance Squad; Troy Monholland, Army, 283 Dust Off, 71st Evac Hospital; Alan Sandlin; Army Reserves, 737 Transportation Yakima and Brad Murray, Army, 1st Calvary, 75th Rangers hit the course at full speed ahead. They were sponsored by Physician Insurance in Seattle.

“We won the first (Astria) hospital tournament in 2016,” Monholland firmly stated. Three of the four members, except for Murray, were on the winning team.

“Three guys who can’t stand each other,” Monholland jokingly confirmed.

“Brad is a good fill in,” acknowledged Hicks. “He’ll probably be a permanent fixture,” the military group proudly endorsed. “We’re going to stick to all veterans.”

“These guys are good guys. They’re all veterans. We all hang together,” Murray explained. “We enjoy the camaraderie.”

During their recreational assault on Black Rock, they were relentless in their abilities to give each other a razzing of spirited fun and engaging encouragement.

The ballcap wearing foursome were 6 under on their first nine holes. They made their way to the clubhouse for cool beverages and to check on the leader board, prior to mounting a charge on the back nine.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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