The Sunnyside Sharks placed 1st in 13 events in the Swim Meet versus the Naches Barracudas last Thursday, July 1. Results for the top finishers are listed below. The full swim meet results can be found online at

Team scores

Naches: 589

Sunnyside: 203

Girls 9-10 200m Medley Relay

1st-Sunnyside (Chambers, Mackenna; Curfman, Ava; Salgado, Emily; Parker, Kyla) 4:56.43

2nd-Naches (Elliott, Iris; Blodgett, Greenley; Nelson, Kennedy; Darwood, Eva) 5:39.74

Boys 11-12 200m Medley Relay

1st-Naches (Christie, Tanner; Mendoza, Esteban; Miles, Ridge; Worley, Colton) 3:20.05

2nd-Sunnyside (Caballero, Andrew; Anderson, Ian; Wise, Noah; Stroh, Gregory) 3:49.77

Girls 13-14 200m Medley Relay

1st-Naches (Huff, Alexis; Wagner, Abby; Loeser, Addy; Lara, Kailee) 2:51.78

2nd-Sunnyside (Weaver, Jane; VanWieringen, Hailey; Wise, Sariah; Morales, Mya) 3:52.61

Boys 13-14 200m Medley Relay

1st-Naches (Jones, Logan; Cardenas, Luke; Hogue, JJ; Peace, Otis) 2:43.07

2nd-Sunnyside (Martin, Tanner; Campos, Kael; Villanueva, Chris; Hernandez, Aj) 2:56.73

Women 15-18 200m Medley Relay

1st-Naches (Scott, Kellynn; Carvajal, Isabella; Miles, Lillian; Stapleton, Leah) 2:46.98

2nd-Sunnyside (Evans, Kenzie; Sanchez, Rana; Bonzi, Tayler; Ruiz, Alo) 2:48.03

Men 15-18 200m Medley Relay

1st-Naches (Teerink, Cameron; Cardenas, Gabriel; Ross, Lucas; Mendoza, Luis) 2:14.95

2nd-Sunnyside (Anderson, Benjamin; Hauver, Cannon; Weaver, Reid; Gonzalez, Samuel) 2:36.53

Girls 9-10 50m Butterfly

1st-Peace, Sadie (Naches) 1:03.72; 2nd-Kerns, Eva (Naches) 1:12.29; 3rd-Salgado, Emily (Sunnyside) 1:16.98

Boys 9-10 50m Butterfly

1st-Tree, Noah (Sunnyside) 1:04.54; 2nd-Scott, Bon (Naches) 1:08.31; 3rd-Worley, Noah (Naches) 1:08.50

Boys 11-12 50m Butterfly

1st-Anderson, Ian (Sunnyside) 53.75; 2nd-Branch, James (Naches) 54.18; 3rd-Bohlke, Jack (Naches) 59.54

Boys 13-14 50m Butterfly

1st-Peace, Otis (Naches) 36.60; 2nd-Villanueva, Chris (Sunnyside) 37.23; 3rd-Cardenas, Luke (Naches) 41.54

Women 17-18 50m Butterfly

1st-Sanchez, Rana (Sunnyside) 38.77; 2nd-Evans, Kenzie; (Sunnyside) 44.01; 3rd-Bonzi, Ryen (Sunnyside) 46.43

Men 17-18 50m Butterfly

1st-Oplinger, Joey (Naches) 29.77; 2nd-Anderson, Benjamin (Sunnyside) 41.35; 3rd Weaver, Reid (Sunnyside) 42.43

Boys 8 & Under 50m Breaststroke

1st-Worley, Grayson (Naches) 1:31.82; 2nd-Haringa, Ethan (Sunnyside) 1:32.28; 3rd-Hatfield, Luke (Naches) 1:36.16

Girls 9-10 50m Breaststroke

1st-Hanchett, Hadley (Naches) 51.71; 2nd- Salgado, Emily (Sunnyside) 1:21.03; 3rd Collins, Ashlyn (Naches) 1:21.16

Boys 11-12 50m Breaststroke

1st-Mendoza, Esteban (Naches) 50.84; 2nd-Worley, Colton (Naches) 54.35; 3rd-Anderson, Ian (Sunnyside) 54.60

Women 15-16 50m Breaststroke

1st-Stapleton, Leah (Naches) 44.36; 2nd-Scott, Kellynn (Naches) 45.67; 3rd-Ruiz, Alo (Sunnyside) 46.75

Women 17-18 50m Breaststroke

1st-Sanchez, Rana (Sunnyside) 43.81; 2nd-Evans, Kenzie (Sunnyside) 52.32; 3rd-Stroh, Cecilia (Sunnyside) 53.00

Men 17-18 50m Breaststroke

1st-Oplinger, Joey (Naches) 40.73; 2nd-Anderson, Benjamin (Sunnyside) 43.44; 3rd-Hauver, Cannon (Sunnyside) 44.30

Boys 9-10 50m Backstroke

1st-Scott, Bon (Naches) 1:00.92; 2nd-Campos, Kaleb (Sunnyside) 1:05.20; 3rd-McCoy, Luke (Naches) 1:06.05

Girls 11-12 50m Backstroke

1st-Hatfield, Sara (Naches) 42.88; 2nd-Elliott, Toni (Naches) 48.72; 3rd-Maltos, Kaylia (Sunnyside) 52.47

Boys 11-12 50m Backstroke

1st-Christie, Tanner (Naches) 52.31; 2nd-Anderson, Ian (Sunnyside) 56.59; 3rd-Miles, Ridge (Naches) 57.03

Boys 13-14 50m Backstroke

1st-Peace, Otis (Naches) 39.85; 2nd-Cardenas, Luke (Naches) 40.56; 3rd-Hernandez, Aj (Sunnyside) 43.05

Women 15-16 50m Backstroke

1st-Bonzi, Tayler (Sunnyside) 42.27; 2nd-Stapleton, Leah (Naches) 43.82; 3rd-Scott, Kellynn (Naches) 45.30

Women 17-18 50m Backstroke

1st-Sanchez, Rana (Sunnyside) 39.95; 2nd-Evans, Kenzie (Sunnyside) 41.73; 3rd-Bonzi, Ryen (Sunnyside) 45.98

Men 17-18 50m Backstroke

1st-Oplinger, Joey (Naches) 35.90; 2nd-Anderson, Benjamin (Sunnyside) 39.95; 3rd-Hauver, Cannon (Sunnyside) 44.93

Girls 9-10 50m Freestyle

1st-Hanchett, Hadley (Naches) 50.12; 2nd-Peace, Sadie (Naches) 50.95; 3rd-Salgado, Emily (Sunnyside) 55.61; 3rd-Parker, Kyla (Sunnyside) 55.61

Boys 9-10 50m Freestyle

1st-Critchlow, Tanner (Naches) 45.77; 2nd-McCoy, Luke (Naches) 45.82; 3rd-Campos, Kaleb (Sunnyside) 46.29

Boys 11-12 50m Freestyle

1st-Anderson, Ian (Sunnyside) 39.87; 2nd-Christie, Tanner (Naches) 40.57; 3rd-Worley, Colton (Naches) 41.06

Boys 13-14 50m Freestyle

1st-Villanueva, Chris (Sunnyside) 30.13; 2nd-Peace, Otis (Naches) 31.60; 3rd-Cardenas, Luke (Naches) 34.42

Women 15-16 50m Freestyle

1st-Stapleton, Leah (Naches) 35.97; 2nd-Bonzi, Tayler (Sunnyside) 38.10; 3rd-Ruiz, Alo (Sunnyside) 38.16

Women 17-18 50m Freestyle

1st-Sanchez, Rana (Sunnyside) 33.11; 2nd-Evans, Kenzie (Sunnyside) 36.07; 3rd-Bonzi, Ryen (Sunnyside) 37.08

Men 17-18 50m Freestyle

1st-Oplinger, Joey (Naches) 29.86; 2nd-Anderson, Benjamin (Sunnyside) 30.29; 3rd-Hauver, Cannon (Sunnyside) 35.78

Girls 9-10 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Sunnyside (Parker, Kyla; Alvord, Khloe; Curfman, Ava; Salgado, Emily) 4:22.44

2nd-Naches (Collins, Ashlyn; Blodgett, Greenley; Elliott, Iris; Hanchett, Hadley) 4:26.68

Boys 9-10 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Naches (Elliott, Mitchell; Worley, Noah; Strom, Keats; Scott, Bon) 3:42.78

2nd-Sunnyside (Castilleja, J.J.; Contreras, Noah; Soto, Jaycek; Campos, Kaleb) 4:22.17

Boys 11-12 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Naches (Mendoza, Esteban; Christie, Tanner; Bohlke, Jack; Worley, Colton) 2:48.21

2nd-Sunnyside (Anderson, Ian; Wise, Noah; Caballero, Andrew; Stroh, Gregory) 3:39.21

Girls 13-14 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Naches (Lara, Kailee; StMartin, Denali; Huff, Alexis; Loeser, Addy) 2:34.84

2nd-Sunnyside (Weaver, Jane; Wise, Sariah; VanWieringen, Hailey; Wise, Kennedy) 3:11.13

Boys 13-14 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Naches (Cardenas, Luke; Hogue, JJ; Strom, Avery; Peace, Otis) 2:24.76

2nd-Sunnyside (Villanueva, Chris; Hernandez, Aj; Martin, Tanner; Campos, Kael) 2:29.92

Women 15-18 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Sunnyside (Ruiz, Alo; Evans, Kenzie; Bonzi, Tayler; Sanchez, Rana) 2:33.13

2nd-Naches (Scott, Kellynn; Carvajal, Isabella; Miles, Lillian; Stapleton, Leah) 2:36.90

Men 15-18 200m Freestyle Relay

1st-Naches (Cardenas, Gabriel; Parker, Liam; Mendoza, Luis; Ross, Lucas) 1:58.24

2nd-Sunnyside (Hauver, Cannon; Weaver, Reid; Gonzalez, Samuel; Anderson, Benjamin) 2:22.24

Boys 9-10 200m Individual Medley

1st-Scott, Bon (Naches) 4:53.70; 2nd-Huffman, Colin (Naches) 5:14.92; 3rd-Soto, Jaycek (Sunnyside) 5:53.50

Boys 11-12 200m Individual Medley

1st-Mendoza, Esteban (Naches) 4:11.43; 2nd-Anderson, Ian (Sunnyside) 4:12.67

Boys 13-14 200m Individual Medley

1st-Cardenas, Luke (Naches) 3:21.85; 2nd-Peace, Otis (Naches) 3:27.35; 3rd-Martin, Tanner (Sunnyside) 4:18.00

Women 17-18 200m Individual Medley

1st-Sanchez, Rana (Sunnyside) 3:13.85; 2nd-Evans, Kenzie (Sunnyside) 3:51.44; 3rd-Stroh, Cecilia (Sunnyside) 3:59.63

Men 17-18 200m Individual Medley

1st-Oplinger, Joey (Naches) 2:45.75; 2nd-Anderson, Benjamin (Sunnyside) 3:36.78; 3rd-Hauver, Cannon (Sunnyside) 3:44.85

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