Barrel Racing Results

ROUNDING FAST — Rider Maggie Honkata and her horse “Kicker” rounds the barrel at Van de Graaf arena this past Sunday during the season opener of the Yakima County Barrel Racing Association racing calendar. The rider and horse clocked a time of 18.412 to claim second place in the 1D placings.


1st 18.082 Brenna Loften on Carrie

2nd 18.412 Maggie Honkala on Kicker

3rd 18.430 Kelsey Marsh on Dutch

4th 18.508 Teresa Swannack on Aero

5th 18.541 Erika Rocha on Dream Date

2D Placings

1st 18.654 Kacie Jo Wiersma on Annie

2nd 18.796 Julia Hennessey on Hannah

3rd 18.924 Kaitlyn Masden on Roxy

4th 19.036 Jenifer Gatewood on Hope

3D Placings

1st 19.087 Tina Vasile on Bee

2nd 19.107 Jessica Gunnier on Stricken

3rd 19.142 Jenna Flumerfelt on Cadillac

4th 19.151 Denise Arnold on Jazz

5th 19.200 Joelle Ford on Dolly

6th 19.234 Hanna Nowlin on Pickle

7th 19.248 Kelci McKenna on JD

8th 19.272 Susan Jensen on Shocker

9th 19.281 Sheadan Heemsah on Stubby

10th 19.329 Kaedence Loomis on Sugar

11th 19.344 Sami Jo Sartin on Ginger

12th 19.358 Erika Rocha on Dot

13th 19.401 Alicia Hannahs on Uno

14th 19.419 Britni Carlson on Streaken

Tie 19.419 Kim Watlamet on Pecos

16th 19.435 Megan Pearson on Ishey

17th 19.538 Elliott Blackburn on Daizy Duke

18th 19.542 Sheadan Heemsah on Flicka

4D Placings

1st 19.745 Robin Gamble on Truly Lynne

2nd 19.784 Jenna Flumerfelt on Yeti

3rd 19.921 Martay Gunnier on Runt

4th 19.971 Traci Patterson on Dex

5th 20.011 Joanie Lee on Artic

5D Placings

1st 20.270 Tiffany Cottrel on True

2nd 20.363 Callie Jane Bailey on Jr

3rd 20.375 Nancy Randall on Leonardo

4th 20.429 Katie Breazeale on Powerful Profit

5th 20.474 Tina Schumacher on Cupcake

6th 20.483 Tina Schumacher on CeCe

6D Placings

1st 20.596 Joanie Lee on Newt

2nd 20.792 Cindi Williams on Snort

3rd 20.822 Terri Shaffer on Titus

4th 20.840 Kim Krueger on Ellie

5th 20.895 Danielle Crow on Baylea

6th 21.003 Rhiannon Whitlock on Taz

7th 21.024 Peighton Royster on Hula

8th 21.035 Jodi Clark on Sierra

7D Placings

1st 21.153 Joanie Lee on Checkmate

8D Placings

1st 21.625 Joanie Lee on BB

2nd 21.642 Sandy Crow on Sable

3rd 21.701 Ali Domingos on Willow

4th 21.732 Morgan Volland on Lady

5th 21.736 Morgan Birkby on Jody

6th 21.743 Sandy Crow on Touche

7th 21.836 Hannah Hull on Chrome

8th 21.979 Mae Domingos on Stitch

9th 22.589 Martay Gunnier on Weezie

10th 23.240 Kelsey Marsh on Seneca

11th 23.401 Ursela Gaskill on Jack

12th 23.817 Aurora Berger on Max

13th 24.111 Lexi Wright on Saucy

14th 24.526 Rachel Gibson on Misty

15th 25.030 Jennifer England on Cowboy

16th 25.318 Amelia Tyndal on Lily

17th 25.356 Jamie Hanson on Bonnie

18th 26.635 Madison Grenz on Mudd

19th 26.795 Ella Bouchey on Houstan

20th 28.670 Traci Patterson on Jack

21st 29.457 Marcie Hyke on Chasin Tail

22nd 30.504 Hanna Nowlin on Sunny

23rd 31.391 Kylee Barthel on Red

24th 31.935 Callie Jane Bailey on Lucy

25th 33.160 Sue Myra on DJ

26th 34.416 Sidney Martin on Tim

27th 34.767 Julie Helyer on AJ

28th 37.084 Tanner Brewer on Kippy

29th 37.707 Sue Myra on Jack

30th 49.068 Marcie Hyke on Look at My Cash

N/T 400.000 Rainey Arnold on Skippy

N/T 400.000 Antonique Hyke on Flip at the Lip

N/T 400.000 Darlene Palmer on Annie

N/T 400.000 Syd Sutton on Tex

N/T 400.000 Joslyn Arnold on Spot

N/T 400.000 Hudson Gutman on Bob

N/T 400.000 Maggie Honkala on Classy

N/T 400.000 Koral Smartlowit on Astro

N/T 400.000 Tina Vasile on Coco

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