SUNNYSIDE — Grizzly Baseball is in full summer training mode and offering a weekly series of skills sessions to help players 8-18 become better in all aspects of the sport.

SHS Varsity Head Coach Pete Marquez and Assistant Coach Vince Moran are conducting the Sunnyside Baseball Academy Skills Clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, until July 25, from 9 a.m. to noon at the varsity field.

“When I was young, this was the program I was in. So, it’s also rewarding to give back,” Coach Moran described.

He pointed out that one of the clinic’s main goals is to provide players with an opportunity to gain specialized experience over the summer.

“That’s why we’re leaving the clinic open so long. Because some kids may come in after July, and there are some kids might not have heard about it,” he noted.

The academy started on Monday, June 17. However, youth interested in participating may sign up and join throughout the 5-week program. Participants are required to bring the proper gear needed for each of the fielding and batting drills.

“I’m excited about being here at camp, and it’s really good for us because we’re going to be playing school ball this year,” Sierra Vista Middle School sixth grade student Gunner Porter stated following his 5-pitch at bat from the pitching machine.

“It’s kind of fast, but I’m going to work on it,” the young slugger, whose favorite part of the game is hitting, added.

Porter said he’s learning how to swing with more power.

“Just load up, and then use your hips, and not your arms, to hit the ball, and it goes a lot farther.”

On Mondays, players receive scheduled guidance on pitching, strength and conditioning. Wednesday’s routine consists of batting instruction and in-game hitting strategies from both the pitching machine and live throwing. Thursday’s combination schedule consists of fielding, along with additional batting practice.

The cost of the clinic is $20, which covers all 15 sessions and includes a t-shirt and treats. Youth can still register for the 3-day per week, 3-hour sessions at the field with a check made out to Sunnyside High School Baseball.

For additional information about the Sunnyside Baseball Academy Skills Clinic, contact Pete Marquez 509-840-4412 or Vince Moran 509-391-9350.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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