Fuller Center Bicyclist Adventurists

The Fuller Center Bicyclist Adventurists are shown on their weekly build day in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

SUNNYSIDE — Traveling the country on a bike is as outdoorsy as it gets.

The Fuller Center Bicyclist Adventurers are among the ultimate outdoor groups, riding through the country together to promote awareness and raise funds for affordable housing.

There are two cycle groups currently riding — one from Seattle to D.C, and the second is traveling a west coast loop traversing the Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Tahoe. Courtney Fields and her riders are part of the latter group.

The group’s route is segmented over 11 different weeks to allow riders to come and go as they please. Participants are not racing against one another; instead, their focus is to help one another and build a stronger housing communities together.

A typical day for the group is riding around 70 miles per day with a break in between at the 20-mile point. On designated build days, they stop to repair and build homes.

Fields is aspiring to be the Bike Adventurer coordinator. She is currently a rider and a support team member. She became involved as part of a Christian ministry in college, during this period, she traveled to Peru for a Fuller Center Global Builder’s trip.

Not every participant is a serious or long-term bicyclist.

Fields notes, “. . . anyone can do it.” According to Fields, individuals from all over the country participate with different skill levels. Montana is her favorite location on the trip so far.

The Fuller Center for Housing is an ecumenical Christian non-profit aiming to create affordable housing. They have 75 chapters in the U.S. and are involved in 19 different countries.

Established in 2005 by Millard and Linda Fuller, the group’s main objective is to provide shelter for all people worldwide. The couple are also the founders of the Habitat of Humanity.

The two bicyclist groups fundraising is currently at 83 percent completed of their $400,000 goal.

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